Massive News Explosion today this show is packed to the gills with content. I am very happy to be back and get the Ohana all caught up on the past 7 days. I also discuss my need for an assistant and what I am looking for in that. Enjoy the show, I had a great time doing it.
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Show Notes:

* S3 Meltdown.
* S3 Breakdown Cause.
* Simply Incredible Picture.
* Alexa Camera?
* Gold or Bitcoin?
* Free Software.
* New Battery Tech.
* Virgin Orbit.
* Moon Shadow.
* Facebook Decline.
* Brilliant Tweet.
* Windows 10 Aggravations.
* Quiz for Comment.
* GoDaddy DNS.
* Chevy Unlimited LTE.
* Chinese Back doors.
* Cricket Lowers Unlimited Data.
* YouTube TV.
* Sickle Cell Disease Cure?
* Drone out of Control.
* Snap makes Rich Richer.
* Samsung Arrest.
* AMD Ryzen.
* Casey Neistat News Network?