I talk about a crazy Hoverbike that no one should be riding that I want. That and more as a reminder I am off to Tampa and then Orlando. If you miss the show be sure to check out some of the offerings on TechPodcasts.com I will be back on Thursday next week.
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Show Notes:

* Snap Spectacles.
* Cali Danger.
* Hoverbike.
* Amazon Versus Walmart.
* Robot Tax.
* No more Pirate Searches.
* Chinese Solar sales drop.
* Tacky.
* Audio recording 24/7.
* PC hacks.
* SpaceX Drone Landing Video!
* False Flag.
* Driverless Race Wreck due to Dog.
* Five Tech Regrets.
* Iran Drone Ban.
* Fake Immigration Checkpoints.
* Air Hogs.
* Smart Car Sales Warning.
* No Siri Speaker.
* Samsung Ranking Drop.
* Fake Cell Site Bans.
* Porsche 9-11 Doom Controller.
* Uranium from the Sea.