So we discuss the merits of Calling ET versus trying to find them first. The ramifications will likely never be known by all of us.. But who knows 300 years from now someone might show up. I also talk a bit about the MSM and the power they have over New Media creators.
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Show Notes:

* Calling ET.
* Anti Geo Spying Law.
* Your Social belongs to us.
* PweDiePwe.
* Alexa call….
* Geomagnetic Spike.
* SLS Cernan?
* Every Inch Every Day.
* SpaceX Launch Saturday.
* SLS Schedule Change.
* Samsung Heir Arrested.
* EPA Mirror’d their Site?
* Early Look at Nintendo Switch.
* Tesla Hero Rewarded.
* Thimble is Dead.
* Sprint Unlimited – Limited Update.
* AT&T Unlimited – Limited Update.
* FCC and FM Chips in Mobile.
* 1 Billion CC Videos on YouTube.
* Trump Releases Torture Doc.
* Office for Mac gets Touch bar Features.