Verizon should be ashamed of themselves, after going through and purging as many of their truly Unlimited customers as possible has introduced a Verizon Unlimited – Limited data plan with data caps of 22GB before throttling the connection. I really wish all mobile companies could not use the word Unlimited unless they really meant it. In my opinion it’s very unfair to those that do not read the fine print.
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Show Notes:

* Verizon Unlimited what you really get!
* T-Mobile Responds.
* Competition is Good.
* Are we destined to be Cyborgs?
* Google Maps Lists.
* Facebook Music.
* OLED – iPhone8?
* Twitter Backpedals.
* Save the Data.
* Astronaut Antics.
* On a Gluten Free Diet? Heads Up!
* Next Mars Landing Spots.
* Chinese Tariffs?
* Career Opportunities.
* Early Supernova.
* H-1B Plan.
* Nikon Axes DL Line.
* Wow.
* What Phone is he using.