I talk at length about the upcoming Net Neutrality battle. I also talk about why spending more than 10 minutes on Facebook may be hazardous to your health and why it and the news in general has me stressed out.. Time to take a media break.. Plus all the tech news you can handle. Are you a gamer? Time sensitive information in this show for you.
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Show Notes:

* The Sky is Falling #1.
* The Sky is Falling #2.
* Net Neutrality Ground Truth.
* TWC Lawsuit.
* E3 – 15K Tickets on Monday!
* Muni Broadband Win!
* iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Finally.
* MET Images.
* SpaceX Launch.
* Missile Intercept.
* Comet Shredded.
* NASA New Orleans.
* Only in Japan.
* Snap Insights.
* Mac Malware.
* Naughty Comcast.
* Elon Musk – Takedown?
* Arrivo.
* Google Music.
* Google Fiber.
* Secure Messaging.