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Geek News Central Podcast

GNC #1176 Hacker Takes out Dark Web Site - Geek News Central Audio

February 07, 2017

A good Hacker has taken out a very nasty Dark Web site that was making available absolute filth exposing 381,000 users emails and connecting IP addresses that law enforcement should be able to use to build cases. It is simply disgusting that any of this material is available. Good job to the hacker and I feel sorry for the investigative folks that have to dig through this material.
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Show Notes:

* Dark Web.
* Google Maps Update.
* Michigan Privacy.
* 27%.
* Shame on Vizio.
* Poop in Space—Suits.
* Drone over Lava.
* Fireball.
* Soccer Ball.
* RIAA back at it.
* 96 Companies.
* Lone Wolf or Terror Network?
* New Helium Compound.
* Hacking Casino’s.
* The Commercials.
* Japanese Spacecraft.
* ISS Commercial Airlock.
* Samsung 360 Gear Discount (listen to show).
* DJI Tacky Ad.
* Apple AR.
* Tesla Battery Power Plant.