Happy New Year show a few days early. This is the last Geek News Central for 2016 and I want to thank all the Ohana for being part of the family and tonight I thank the insiders for their ongoing support to the show. Plus all the tech news you can handle.
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Executive Producer: Isaiah Garcia

Show Notes:

* iPhone City China.
* US Smacks Russia.
* NASA hid stuff.
* Amazon Blimp.
* Well Duhh.
* Honda Recall.
* Window Robot.
* DirecTV Deal going going…
* Uber Driver sticks foot in mouth.
* No Streaming for Reps?
* Samsung and CES.
* AR and CES.
* Ford and CES.
* WW III by Misake?
* 11 Amazon Prime Benefits.
* Breath Test for Cancer.
* Pixel Problems.
* Green Screen of Death.
* Editing Tweets.
* Progress return to flight.
* Mars Purple Rocks.
* Saturn Moon.