UBER one not to play by the rules has taken their autonomous cars to Arizona after the California DMV unregistered their autonomous vehicles. That story and all the tech news you can handle. I share with you some personal news at the beginning of the show. I also hope each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday.
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Executive Producer: Isaiah Garcia

Show Notes:

* Tesla Speed Update.
* Uber leaves California.
* Uber and Personal Privacy.
* Windows 10 Regrets.
* Pokemon-Go Update.
* What to watch this weekend.
* FDIC Hacked.
* Self Driving 2016.
* To much sharing.
* Snow in Sahara Desert.
* Consumer Reports – MacBook Pro.
* Bitcoin Value Up.
* Fake Goods.
* History of Santa Tracker.
* Hidden Galaxies Shock Scientist.
* WiFi Drama at 36K.
* 15 Best Movies of 2016?
* Voyager Update.
* Drone Footage of Tesla Factory.
* Titan Clouds.
* Give up  your Social.