What am I doing talking about airplanes Autopilot, well listen in and see. Just a few more shows before I head to Vegas for CES. I give you an update tonight on how it’s going.
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Executive Producer: Isaiah Garcia

Show Notes:

* Hazards of Autopilot.
* Prenda Arrests.
* Messenger Party Video Line.
* Leakedsource.
* RTT for Hearing Impaired.
* Apple and Desktops.
* Airbnb Hammer in NYC.
* Blame the Hacker?
* Tracking You on a Police Database.
* Cell Phone Privacy.
* Solar Pricing.
* Building Jarvis.
* Social Policy and 1st Amendment.
* Way to make friends.
* John Wick2.
* Blade Runner 2049.
* Autonomous Driving Hold up.
* Measuring Antimater.
* Kik Chat Update adds Video.
* Worse Tweets of 2016?
* OneWeb and 1.5 Billion.