Did you know that their is 14 things that Google has Intel on you? Time for a little house cleaning as we wind up the year. Also I am hoping that you are in anticipation of the content I will be producing from CES and that you would consider a one time donation towards the funding of that content. I would love to raise $5k between now and January 30th. Consider a one time donation to the show on the insider page.. Or better yet sign up as an insider to support the show year round. Action packed podcast today.
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Executive Producer: Isaiah Garcia

Show Notes:

* Google Intel on You.
* Google 7 Million offer rejected.
* Woz Teacher.
* Tesla Emergency Breaking.
* Space Photo.  Book Page.
* Solar and Wind Equal.
* Apple AirPod Cautions.
* James Webb Video.
* Back to Mars.
* Back and Neck Pain.
* MPAA Bragging.
* Twitch IRL.
* Lucid.
* Cheaper Shells.
* Navy Swarm.
* Amazon Prime Nintendo Classic.
* Health Revolution Possible.
* Patent Troll.
* Ticket BOTS Law.
* How to Dump Yahoo.