Yes your heard it, a change to the intro, I totally screwed up in which I edited to fix, which is like the 5-6th time I have edited a show. Nice stack of stories today, and a call to action! Please promote my GoDaddy page with your family, friends co-workers you name it… Spread the network circle and holiday cheer. Hope you enjoy today’s show.
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Executive Producer: Isaiah Garcia

Show Notes:

* SpaceX Delay.
* Instagram Live.
* Uber Privacy Lawsuit.
* Consent is not enough.
* Battle for Net Neutrality.
* Soundcloud and DJ Mixes.
* Lockheed.
* Best and Worse TV.
* Facebook Issue.
* Apple’s new TV App.
* Netgear Router Compromised.
* Internet of Things.
* Ford Patent.
* Apple and Flash.
* Disney IT Lawsuit.
* DIY Nintendo Classic.
* Comcast Rate Increase.
* Apple and Softbank.
* Google and Cuba.
* MacPro moving to Surface.