Modern Car Stealing is as simple as walking up to a car pushing a button and driving away. Do you have your Garage door programmed in your car? Leave the garage to house door unlocked.. Listen in today to understand how you can get cleaned out with a click of a button. Plus a stack of tech news. I also want to thank the mystery listener who sent me two bottles of Scotch you have great taste and I salute you.
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Show Notes:

* RIP Senator John Glenn.
* Pantone color of the Year.
* Car Stealing.
* Brain Breakthrough.
* Amazon Store Update.
* Pebble RIP.
* Give your $6 to Apple?
* Water App.
* Get Banned on Uber.
* Bots Act.
* ADA and Uber.
* SpaceX Loses Load.
* Snapchat Spectacles.
* NASA Giphy.
* China Cyber Laws.
* Kill switch for Samsung Galaxy 7 Note.
* Tesla Model 3 Pics.
* Moore’s Law on Mobile Chips.
* Really?
* AT&T Refund.
* Phone Calls on Planes.
* Who really cares.