Seems a reoccurring theme lately is technology that will be another job killer I go down the rabbit hole a bit deeper tonight and cover this topic. Plus a full stack of interesting tech news and infomation.
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Show Notes:

* Amazon Convenience Store.
* No Big Internet with Trump.
* Internet Slow Lane.
* Negotiate that Salary.
* In Flight Flirting App.
* Samsung Battery Report.
* Holiday Gift Guide Engadget.
* All Timelines (Winner).
* Best Burger.
* The Consumer Fairness Review Act.
* AWS Lambda.
* Westwood 2018 (Spoiler).
* Westwood Twist (Spoiler).
* Westwood Website (Spoiler).
* Fraud IRS Go To Jail.
* Cloudflare – New Botnet.
* UK Robot Aircraft.
* BMW and Car Thief.
* The Last Guardian.
* YouTube Red.
* Smart home Security.
* Lexus LED.
* Chernobyl Update.