Glad to be back in the saddle and I get you caught up on what is happening here and in the tech space. I also do a deep dive on the what happens when Robots Invade and the impact that is going to have on service jobs. Plus regular industry.. Can you be outsourced by a Robot? Many already have been are you next?
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* Should this be Illegal?

Show Notes:

* Robot Invasion.
* Avalanche.
* Boom.
* Cassini.
* Nut Splitter.
* Download Netflix Movies.
* IRS / Bitcoin.
* Rule 41.
* Reddit Under Fire.
* See your Clicks.
* Chevy Bolt.
* Amazon Prime HBO / Showtime.
* No more Clutch.
* Pebble RIP?
* Anker.
* Net Neutrality.
* Science Fiction.
* Tesla Saves Drivers.
* SpaceX Launch.
* Westwood Spoilers.
* Buzz Aldrin.