I take a little time tonight to talk to the Ohana to express my thanks and reflect on the show.. Be careful on your trips to family and have a great Thanksgiving. I will be back with you next Monday with the next show. Tonight’s show is packed with tech news and information.
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* Solar City Solar Tiles.
* StudioCat.com

Show Notes:

* 1000 Years.
* EM-Drive.
* ISS 360 Degree.
* Ceres.
* Weather Sat.
* SpaceX.
* No Pardon.
* China Solar in Fallout Zone.
* Collectibles.
* Pop Culture.
* Net Neutrality Fight.
* Symantec buys Lifelock.
* Microsoft VR.
* More Leaks.
* Uber TOS.
* Tesla Full Self Driving Demo!
* Netflix.
* Google Popular.
* Eero BF $100 off.
* Instagram Live Stories.
* Comedy co...