This week's Geek Love Radio Francis the Other Guy, Dani the Universe, and Dave the Drummer talking love sex and relationships from a geek's perspective. First we discuss what we as people judge others, and it's not what you think. From there Dani schools us on what makes a person attractive to the ladies. We also learn that Valentine's Day is not the best day for everyone, especially this gender. And then we touch on the tip of the week, where we talk about kissing. Pucker your lips and lay one on us with these topics, and much more, on this week's GLR.

What singles want: Survey looks at attraction, turnoffs -

It's tough to be alone on Valentine's Day, especially this group of people:

Certain people are more attractive than others, but it's surprising/unsurprising, who they are:

Geek Love Tip of the Week: Kissing -

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