On today’s show we review our tech predictions.

2012 Tech Predictions:

Aaron: Google puts parts of Chrome into Android and then kills the Chrome OS.

Netflix announces a landmark licensing deal with all content companies that ends all

content problems with streaming and enters a renaissance for their service.

Color eInk hits the market, leading to ePaper versions of Kindle, Nook & Sony reader.

Gozer: PS Vita will sell moderately well.

Wii U? WTF?

Next Xbox announced ( just a glimpse ) at E3.

Console and portable gaming cloud saves

iPhone 5 (4g) next fall.

15 -20 new Android phones in 2012.

Allen:  Netbooks begin exiting the market

Gestures, voice & speech dictation/services will gain traction; people will be comfortable using it

Streaming services will exponentially grow out of convenience and to defeat pirating

38.5 new Android phones in 2012


2013 Tech Predictions:


This will be the year Blu-Ray dies.  It’ll be come a niche product with everyone opting for streaming.

Windows 8 will be a success after its stumble out the gate, though Win RT will be a bomb.

Apple TV will not happen, but likely in 2014.

Kickstarter will have a major project fail where people give tons of money, but nothing is delivered.

People will get serious about password security. 2-factor authentication, passphrases, ect will become the norm.

People will no longer accept that ‘buying’ digital media is only buying a license. A culture of ownership will return strong in 2013.


Streaming will become dominant, Blu Ray will not die.

Next gen console, all in one device. DVR like features and partnerships with cable companies. Xbox 720 and Ps4 at E3.

More day 1 downloadable games, decline of physical disc but not death.

With the death of DLP tvs, led prices will continue to decline. 4K tvs will begin to emerge. 3-D will just be a bonus but not a selling point.



Top Product of 2012: iPad Mini. Who knew people would go nuts for this thing? I still don’t get it, but the sales don’t lie. Also shows that Apple can continue to execute post Steve Jobs.

Top Company: Google. The big G made huge strides this year to push Chrome further into the mainstream, make Google even more dynamic, G+ integration everywhere, Android’s quite solid. Let’s not forget Google Glass!

Biggest Stumble: Security & Privacy. Tons of data breaches, Facebook and Instagram ToS changes, SOPA, PIPA, ect. Big companies and government just don’t get it yet that while we are living in a connected world, we still value our privacy and ability to control who sees what.


Top Product of 2012:

Top 5 Games:

5) Skyrim

4) X Com

3) Borderlands 2

2) Halo 4

1) Black Ops 2

Top Company:

Biggest Stumble: Apple maps

Top Selling Game of the Year :