The Michael’s kick off the new year with a few technical difficulties and some self quantification. Since many people start the new year with resolutions to lose a bit of weight, or get more healthy, etc. we decide that there are some really cool ways to game your health using new digital devices and gaming mechanics. Michael M tells us all about the cool experiences with the Jawbone Up, while Michael R gets excited about how well Downcast App works with the Apple TV he got for Christmas.

We then jump over to an interesting discussion on how Production Support can benefit from the simplicity of communication that you see in games like Super Mario Brothers. And we end the show with a bit of reminiscence of Leeroy Jenkins famous WoW raid! So sit back, fire up Your Gaming Rig, and get ready to play – Games At Work!

This Week’s Links:

Jawbone Up and Companion App

The Human Face of Big Data Book and Companion App

Apple TV and Downcast App

MacBreak Television Episode

Leeroy Jenkins

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