I want to do more.  To be more.  I get the feeling that maybe I could, or just that I should try to live a life more in line with my passions and principles.  But I can literally feel myself getting in my own way.  It’s like watching a movie of myself - I see it happening, I know its not good, but I do it anyway.  What’s going on?

  • Routines are the things we do automatically, without conscious thought

  • Most routines are behaviours or thought patterns that we used to have to think about, but have tucked out of sight of the conscious mind and allow them to go on autopilot

  • The human brain has tremendous capacity for this and allows us to perform a great many tasks without having to spend our valuable mental energy on them

  • However, the downside is that some routines are bad for us - and the brain doesn’t really know the difference

  • Unfortunately, we run these routines without questioning them so we don’t always know they exist and act against our self-interest

  • The best way to identify negative routines is to run down a list of common ones and see if any sound familiar.  You might be running these.

  • There’s nothing wrong with running routines - the brain needs to do that - but its important to figure out what beliefs caused you to install negative routines, change the belief so you can short-circuit and eliminate the pattern