An artist is committed, heart and soul, to the work.  So I have to quit my day job now right?

  • You have to starve to create right?

  • You have to be committed full time - 8+ hours per day, right?

  • Times are changing.  There aren’t as many ‘full time salaries’ for artists anymore.

  • You have to balance work that pays the bills with work that feeds the soul

  • Nothing says you have to work for a big corporation doing a business-y job though.  You could easily start your own small business

  • Your business could be related to your art, or not, but it must be some you LOVE doing (must be related to your vision and purpose)

  • The bad news - if you’re just getting started, expect that you now have three jobs - your day job, your side job, and your art.   You have to keep the first one until the side job and art career take off enough to provide sustainable income.  That can take years

  • The good news - doing things you’re passionate about helps fuel and refresh you.  If you choose correctly, you won’t burn out

  • Don’t ever make a choice based on money or fame.  Do what you love, authentically.  Serve, and everything you need will come.