Innnovators and artists alike both want more of this.  Here’s how you get it.

  • Discipline

  • You have to set up time and work

  • Many people are creative first thing in the morning.  Fine.   Set an alarm, get up early, set a 20 minute timer and go

  • BUT - as soon as that's done, you take a 5 minute break and then set another 20 minute timer, and then another, and then another.

  • The volume of output is what makes the great ideas come, not great ideas themselves.

  • your full time job is creating stacks of ideas that might be gold, might be trash, or might be mined for gold

  • When you are challenged to come up with a good idea, come up with 50.   The pressure of getting 1 idea perfect throttles most people and keeps them from from producing

  • always have your tools handy - never have a reason to not be able to capture