What makes most dreams nothing more than a dream?  What derails most people in their efforts to live the life they dream about?  And how can you conquer it?  That’s this week on the Fuse Chamber podcast.

  • Assuming you make it past the initial fear, and decide to start on something…most people get tripped up and quit pretty early

  • When things go wrong, or don’t pan out, or don’t show progress quickly enough, we often throw up our hands and start making excuses.

  • Not enough time, wasn’t cut out for it, the world is unfair, etc

  • The truth is, every day is a fight.  An unfair, unnecessary fight.

  • Fight can mean unusually hard work, but it can also mean setbacks, injuries (physical, mental and emotional of course), struggles, delays, surprises, bad luck

  • The secret is to watch your response to these  events, and subvert your natural instincts - to push just a little further than you think you can stand