To be a true artist, you must reject the mindset and habit of sameness.  You can learn and borrow from those who have come before, but you must never duplicate.  But how do you come to your own voice?

  • Nothing is more powerful than your own authentic voice

  • People who changed the world drew new lines in the sand.   They did not absorb and rehash common thinking.

  • They took common thinking and either turned it upside down or made changes to it.

  • Stay inspired, read, reflect and document.   This could mean journaling but it also means creating - scripts, lyrics, poetry, music, drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, essays, speeches, prose, video - whatever you make instead of or in addition to a journal

  • If you journal, make note of problems to be solved.  Things you learned, things you would like to change or improve about your world, your art form, yourself

  • As always, write for the wastebasket.  (But keep everything) Failing early and often means you are ok that 95% of what you make doesn’t go anywhere

  • Review what you write often and look for recurring, common themes.  Something will eventually jump out at you as being your philosophy, your reason for serving

  • Never stop this practice.,  Continue to refine it, grow it, change it, adapt it