Full Belly Laughs

Full Belly Laughs

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Beyond Carl's Jr
August 20, 2019

The Beyond Burger is at Carl's Jr, and we tried it. Find out what it was like for Carl's Jr virgins to eat at the fast food restaurant, and how their take on the Beyond Burger measures up to other plant-based options.

Best BBQ Meats
August 13, 2019

We chat about the best barbecued meats, dabble with some chatter about good meats for a barbecue, then go international on the discussion. If you love barbecues or BBQ'd meats, this is the episode for you.

Long Beach Vegan Festival
August 06, 2019

Hear about the highlights and lowlights from our first time at the Long Beach Vegan Festival. Plus some other great stories and goodies along the way.

Shopping For Malls
July 30, 2019

Regular shopping malls vs luxury malls. Learn the differences between these shopping meccas, and the pros and cons of these types of malls.

Pre & Post Workout Food
July 23, 2019

Lauren Daniels joins comedian Brian Durkin for a hilarious discussion about food surrounding a workout. Discover what makes for a great pre-workout or post-workout meal.

Best Beach Food
July 16, 2019

Lauren Daniels joins comedian Brian Durkin for a discussion on what food is great to pack for the beach. Next time you take a sandy adventure, be sure to eat in style with these tips.

Apartment Kitchen Layouts
July 09, 2019

Lauren Daniels joins comedian Brian Durkin for a silly discussion that eventually leads to sound advice about kitchen layouts in apartments. Learn about all the different features, appliances, and what would work best for you.

Bad Cook Recipes
July 02, 2019

Jack Frank joins Brian Durkin for a conversation about what meals someone can make when you're a bad cook. Learn what things can be made at home by literally anyone.

How to Open Mic
June 25, 2019

Comedian and Open Mic Host Sal Frattallone joins Brian Durkin for a conversation about how to successfully start comedy. Learn the basics of performing stand-up comedy.

Best Drive Thru
June 18, 2019

Host Brian Durkin opens the floor for fans of the podcast to send in their submissions for the best drive thru. Find out which fast food restaurants focus on this area.