Podcast #36 Show Notes:

Frugal News Review podcast episode 36 for Tuesday, January 8th is ready for listening.  I have some great tips today you won’t want to miss.

As always, I have searched the world wide web and the blogosphere  to bring you the latest and greatest frugal news.  These 5 articles are the best that I have found since Friday’s show.   The topics covered are:  Battery Smackdown (Name Brand vs. Generic), Secret Uses for Aluminum Foil, Frugal Ways to Treat the Common Cold, How to Stop Buying Wants, and Frugal Tech – What to do With Old Computers Parts.  I have also included 3 bonus articles that were great but, I did not have time to put them into the podcast.

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Links to articles covered in this podcast are below:

Battery Smackdown (Name Brand vs. Generic)

Secret Uses for Aluminum Foil

Frugal Ways to Treat the Common Cold

How to Stop Buying Wants

Frugal Tech – What to do With Old Computers Parts


What to Buy and Avoid in January

2013 Money Resolutions

5 Frugal Ways to Go Green in 2013

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