Fried Squirms Horror Movie Podcast

Fried Squirms Horror Movie Podcast

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130. The Devil’s Rejects (2005)
September 10, 2019

With 3 From Hell just around the corner, the boys of Fried Squirms have circled back around to check in with the Firefly Family. Scattered from a police raid, the Fireflys lay low in the only way they know how while a sheriff hunts them for revenge.

129. It (1990) (pt. 2 feat. Patrick)
September 03, 2019

Well, it hasn’t been 27 years, but It is back, so we are too. Never being able to get enough of that Derry air, the boys have returned to face the true horror of IT…the back half of the original mini-series!

128. Swamp Thing (1982) (w/ Zac!)
August 27, 2019

Here at Fried Squirms, the boys are no stranger to The Green. However, when it came time to examine this Wes Craven helmed, horror comic inspired, action/monster movie/superhero flick about a muck-encrusted mockery of a man…well they knew they were goi...

127. Ice Cream Man (1995)
August 20, 2019

As summer begins to fade this year we remember the wonderful sights and sounds that accompany it. The bright, sunny days. The delicious taste of some cold hard pack. Clint Howard’s smiling face…ok, maybe not that last one so much.

126. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
August 06, 2019

A strange family reunion after a tragedy sets up one of the better ghost stories the Squirms have had the pleasure of viewing. Twists and turns abound in this story adapted from a Korean fairy tale, and the boys are all too happy to dig into them in th...

125. Cube (1997)
July 30, 2019

Like a Rubik’s, this cube has a puzzle to figure out. The Upside is that it is multiplayer, and there are others in it to help you out. The Downside? Going into the wrong room can have deadly consequences. The Best Side?

124. High Tension (2003)
July 23, 2019

A weekend away for studying has never before ended in such a splitting headache. This week the Fried Squirms return to the world of New French Extremity and check out the film that arguably put it on the map.

123. The Dead Lands (2014) (plus Midsommar reaction!)
July 16, 2019

Sometimes, the boys get a little high and don’t quite do their homework. They get caught up in fancy titles and images and don’t think through what they are doing. When that happens they end up covering a violent action movie.

122. The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971)
July 09, 2019

As MIDSOMMAR approaches, the Squirms turn their eyes back again to the world of Folk Horror. THE BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW is the last of the “Unholy Trinity” of Folk Horror for the boys to watch, will it also be the least? Listen

121. Audition (1999)
July 02, 2019

Next up, number 121…let’s see here, it says for special skills you can flip-flop genres, cause confusion, and even inspire torture porn? I’ll be honest, that last one can be a tough sell, but Mr. Miike did send you…so would you like to elaborate?