Shaun Palmer, one of the most successful competitive professional snowboarders to ever live. He's like snowboarding's MJ or Gretzky. He's won X-Games and the Banked Slalom and World Cups and so much more. But before he was the world's greatest athlete he was snowboarding's signature bad ass. If you do a Google search for "snowboarders" his image comes up pretty quickly down the list and he's the only first generation snowboarder in with the Olympians and Travis Rice. American flag outfits and bright red clown hair were his trademarks in the early 90's. He qualified for the Olympic boardercross team in 2010 but tore his achilles and couldn't go.

Today, Palmer still lives in Tahoe and has rejoined the Sims team and put out a pro model based on the original clown board. He's going to the Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt Baker this year, and FNRad is betting he's going to win.