FlashCast By PDB, With Phil Di Bella

FlashCast By PDB, With Phil Di Bella

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7 Obstacles To Your Success
August 18, 2019

Success is directly linked to emotional intelligence, and unsuccessful people usually have one or more behaviours that get in their way, so today Phil talks about such behaviours, and how they become obstacles to success.  What are they,

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, The Right Way
August 11, 2019

It is very easy to get comfortable, to get to a point where you feel you don't have to do things you don't want to, that is the comfort zone. And is dangerous. It means you're stuck, and the moment you stop growing, you start dying.

6 Problem-Solvers for Startups | Q&A
August 04, 2019

This episode Phil is taking 6 listeners questions, core problems people face when starting a business, puts them under his perspective and gives you a clear way to solve them; in a nutshell: How do I get better at sales quicker?

The Four Agreements
July 28, 2019

Phil talks today about his Four Agreements; based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, but presented under Phil’s perspective.  Integrity, be impeccable with your word Don't take anything personally.  Seek clarity, don't make assumptions,

Top Books and Learning Material
July 21, 2019

Phil shares today his top source learning materials that help him keep stimulated and inline with his growth mindset. In short, here it is: -   - Books: - You Can Read Anyone; David J, Lieberman‎. - Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If You...

The Art Of Friendship
July 14, 2019

In today’s episode Phil explores the meaning of friendship, what makes us get closer with other people? What makes them important? The core of it relies on values, and a “what can I do for you” attitude? so ask yourself,

Uncertainty On Your Early Startup, What To Do?
July 07, 2019

A "grab your pen and paper" kinda episode, while the fire is crackling on the background. Today Phil answers a great question, how do you overcome self doubt? where do you turn to, what do  you do to find answers? - Remember to subscribe,

Phil Talks About His Weight Loss
June 30, 2019

In today’s episode Phil shares his personal journey of health and weight loss. - What was his motivation? How did he programmed himself to achieve it? What was his vision? What did he learned from it? And how it is similar to a business? -

5 Tips To Build Leadership Credibility
June 22, 2019

Leadership is not about hierarchy, is about inspiring others to achieve their vision, about building followers, so how you build credibility as a leader? In today’s episode Phil will explain how Get operational quickly,

What Makes A Great CEO?
June 16, 2019

You ask the questions, Phil answers! - In today’s episode Phil answers a listener’s question, defining what are the behaviours that define the person with the most responsibility in an organisation, the CEO,. -