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Welcome to the Finding Your Church Podcast from FindingYourChurch.com. My name is Jeremy Phillips and my goal is to help you make it a challenge for people to live in your community without finding your Church.
Is your Church Website mobile friendly?
Awhile back Google changed the rules once again. Google loves coming out with new updates and changing the rules.
Sometimes these changes are extremely technical, and you or I would not know how to comply with them anyway.
However, this change is something that is easy to find out if your are in compliance. And, you can take steps to be in compliance, but it will take some effort on your part.
Basically if your Church Website is not mobile responsive you have a very high possibility of being demoted in Google Search.
If you have never had a mobile phone or tablet, you will not know the pain I am about to describe. But we have all been on a mobile device and stumbled on websites that are NOT mobile ready. You have to pinch and zoom and try to click the little links just to get around the website. This is NOT good.
Mobile Ready and Mobile Responsive simply means that the website changes shape and design to conform to the size and display of whatever mobile device it is being displayed on.
But Google has said that if your Church Website is not ready for mobile users and mobile devices, it will take a ranking hit in Google Search.
So whether you have accidentally gotten to the top of your local Church search terms or even if you have worked hard to get there, you have most likely taken a ranking hit if your site is not mobile ready.
So other than grabbing an iPhone and checking out your website, how do you know if your site is mobile ready?
Google has created a page for you to check your site just to be sure.
When you go to this Google website you will enter your Church Website address and it will...
#1 - Show you how your site displays on a mobile device.
#2 - Tell you if your site is officially ready for mobile devices as far as how Google views it.
Now I will let you know that sometimes Google will say you are mobile ready, but when you look at it on a mobile device your website may still not display properly for an actual person.
If that is the case, you still need to fix your website even though Google says you are ok.
You can CLICK HERE to access the free Google Website Mobile checker tool, or visit the Resource Page at www.findingyourchurch.com/Toolbox
I have also linked a website development option for you to check out in case you do need a new website redesign. This option will help you create a mobile ready website for your Church.
>> Click Here to get a NEW Church Website
Check out your site now to see if yours will take a hit. That is all for this episode. Now GO and GET FOUND.
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