FYC Podcast 015: Free Tool to Automate Your Church Tasks
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You CAN automate specific online and digital tasks to save you a ton of time.
Obviously you cannot automate ALL aspects of your Church or Ministry, but there are a lot of things you do every day that could be removed from your to-do list using this FREE resource.
So much of what we do during the day is repetitive. Many tasks could actually be done by an assistant, but paid staff in many Churches is not always an abundant resource.
Even if you do have plenty of paid staff, most ministries are always looking for ways to increase productivity and get more done. Just because you paid staff does not mean you are satisfied having people do things they could have done for them for free.
You will have to figure out how this works in your Church, but with this FREE tool you can automate your Church email, scheduling, team coordination, syncing content and files, and sending reminders. Of course, every solution on the site will not work for everyone in every situation so you have to find the ones that will be a benefit to you.
It also works for your personal tasks, not just Church.
Automate your Church Tasks with IFTTT
IFTTT.com is the site that can help you accomplish this for your Church and personal to-do lists.
They have divided your solutions into an easy to navigate menu of what they call RECIPIES that can automate a huge number of online and digital tasks. These recipes are explained with If/Then and DO scenarios to make it easy for you to figure out what you want to accomplish what that specific recipe.
Examples of the If/Then tasks you can put on autopilot.
Automatically log your Mileage
Mute your phone when you get to work or maybe even Church.
Connect your Church Facebook and Twitter.
Find your phone and keep a call log.
Keep your Church Social Media Profile Logos synced.
Have news from specific websites automatically emailed to you.
Save new contacts to a Google spreadsheet.
Automatically share new WordPress blog posts to your Church Facebook page.
Track your Church work hours in Google calendar.
Document your daily Church activity in a Google spreadsheet.
Message your spouse when you leave to or from work.
Examples of the DO solutions that you can help you with digital and online tasks.
Block off the next hour as "Do Not Disturb".
Record when and where you received a business card.
Quickly create events in your Church and personal Google calendar.
Save notes directly to Evernote on the go.
Record security footage.
Get yourself out of an awkward situation with a fake phone call.
Let someone know you are heading home.
Log a map of your current location in Evernote.
Scan a picture directly to your computer.
Keep track of where you were this week for accountability or Church work.
My favorite DO Recipe is the one where you can have it call you to get out of an awkward or boring situation.
Maybe this could work for your next Church Board Meeting or Counseling Session?
This is obviously not very honest of course, and you probably would NOT want to do this while representing your Church. But, it is still funny.
Check out IFTTT and get started creating your automated recipes for your Church and personal tasks with the link below.
LINK >> IFTTT.com - Learn How To Automate Your Small Business
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