FYC Podcast Episode 012: Attending The Church For People Who Hate Church
I recently drove by a Church in my area that had a sign that said "The Church For People Who Don't Like Church".
[Yes, I exaggerated a little about the hate.]
I am all for Church outreach, missions and evangelism. I realize that people are coming to a saving knowledge of our Savior because of outreach events that rival a Barnum & Bailey Circus.
I have even participated in suggesting somewhat outrageous ideas to further the Gospel.
Once in a staff meeting I suggested that we have Nik Wallenda string up a high wire and walk between our main building and youth building, which was a significant distance.
I am sure we could come up with a sermon for it. That is how it works correct? Start with an illustration, then an application and then find a Scripture right?
Churches give away cars, TV’s, bicycles and even play the devil’s music for sermon openers. Whatever works.
But even though the sign is eye-catching and creative, when I drove by I began to wonder if they were serious. And if they were serious, what would it be like to try to attend a Church for people who really don’t like Church.
Trying to attend a “Church For People Who Don’t Like Church"
Here are some questions I asked myself.
Do I have to not like this particular Church to attend, or just Church in general?
If I didn’t like the Church at first, but after attending for awhile I start to like it… do I have to leave?
Are there different levels of not liking Church? Does mildly perturbed count?
Do I have to not like everything, or can I pick and choose?
If I do like Church, do I have to find something to not like in order to attend?
How do you create a Service for people who don’t like Church? Is Ice Cream Sunday an option? If so, I’m there.
Do the Pastor and Staff also dislike Church?
Do you welcome people by saying, “I’m sorry you are here. I know you are mad right now.”?
Should we even call it a Church because if people really don’t like it they would never come to a Church?
Is it anything like a restaurant for people who don’t like restaurants? Maybe you make your own food there?
Ok, so I agree. The last one was just stupid, because nearly nobody would go to a restaurant to make their own food [unless they go to The Melting Pot].
But evidently people will go to a Church for people who don’t like Church, because I see cars there every Sunday.
Hey, whatever works.
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