FYC Podcast Episode 011: 101 Tools For Church Communication
There is such as thing as too many Church Communication tools. It is so easy to get distracted by using too many gadgets, or too many ways of doing the same thing.
Do we really need an iWatch that syncs with our iPhone that syncs with our iPad that syncs with our iMac that syncs with our iCloud? Especially when all of these are essentially doing the SAME THING?
But, there is a place for tools [and especially free resources] that make our lives easier. There are so many options and ways to improve and automate how we do Church Communications.
101 Tools to Improve Church Communication
A Search Engine Journal article by Christina Baldassarre looks at 101 Tools to help grow a business this year. I would also say that many of these tools will also help grow your Church.
You will find that you are already using many of these tools, some you will have heard of, and many will be new to you.
Here is a list of the ones listed that I have used to help Grow my Church, Business and for personal use. Check out the link below for the complete list of links. What ones do you use?
Facebook Power Editor
Google AdWords
Facebook Audience Insights
Google Apps for Work
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google PageSpeed
Google Mobile-Friendly Test
Yoast SEO
Google Photos
Google Alerts
Google Trends
LINK >> 101 Tools To Grow Your Business In 2016 from Search Engine Journal
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