The female body is complicated and calculators can be tough.  Between body fat percentages, BMI, height, weight, and measurements, there are countless ways to measure and track the progress of your fit and healthy lifestyle.  But, what numbers should you look at exactly? When monitoring your progress, what other factors should you take into consideration? And, how might Fat2Fit's online tracking tools help shine some light on this process?

In today's show, Russ introduces Helana Brigman of the blog Clearly Delicious and book, The Fresh Table: Cooking in Louisiana All Year Round.  A fellow podcaster, Helana discusses the ways in which she, too, might respond to female listeners' questions from a woman's point of view.  Meanwhile, Russ gives the low-down on what's really going on—although each woman is different, teaching her to understand her body fat percentages, BMR, and calorie intake + activity level remain key for the Fat2Fit lifestyle.

Russ and Helana take a few detours to discuss Paula Deen's weight loss and the all fearful muffin top, and look forward to next week when Helana shares her measurements and fitness goals!

Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Recipe of the Week

Best Ever Greek Salad at Clearly Delicious

Muffin Tops

"My Muffin Top is All That, Whole Grain, Low Fat, Don't You Want a Piece of That?"


Motivational Quote of the Week:

"Of course it's hard.  It's supposed to be hard.  If it were easy, everybody would do it.

Hard is what makes it great."  —Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own