Growing up, many of us witnessed our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers sacrificing their health and overall well-being in order to take care of others. It was seen as a noble and Christian trait to be self-sacrificing.

Yet, the Bible tells us the body is a temple that requires love, honor, respect, and admiration.

In addition, research has shown we are better at serving others when we make sure to take care of ourselves as well.

With that in mind, Sara, Judy, Tabatha, Carrie, and Thema talk self-care and how it contributes to our faith and a higher quality of life.

This episode of Faith Talk explores the following:

1. As Christian women, we are often taught the significance of service and sacrifice. At what point did you learn about the importance of self-care in your walk with Christ?

2. What factors tend to prevent or interrupt your practice of self-care?

3. Is there biblical support for self-care?

4. Action Step: What can you do to implement a sustainable practice of self-care in your life?

*We apologize for the compromised audio in episodes three and four. The error has been corrected and should not be an issue in future Faith Talk episodes. Thank you for understanding and subscribing to Faith Talk!

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