Justin Stubbs is a ridiculously prolific musician / band leader / label owner / designer / DIY death metal guy from Atlanta, GA best known for his work with Father Befouled (death metal) and Encoffination (death/doom). He and I have been friends for a long time, before and after my short stint as bassist in the earliest days of Father Befouled. Like a lot of creative people, he always has a bunch of ideas churning around in his head, but what makes him really interesting for this podcast is that unlike most of us, he actually gets an incredible amount of them out of his head and into the world. It was really great to reconnect and talk shop for an hour.

Show Notes

* Notable new releases:

* The Obsessed, Sacred
* Royal Thunder, Wick
* Deep Purple, Infinite
* The Doomsday Kingdom, The Doomsday Kingdom
* Memoriam, For the Fallen

* It's a good time for fans of old school death metal
* Nuclear Blast is on a roll in 2017
* Earthride have reunited
* God Dethroned announce new album
* Hail of Bullets break up
* Ghost sues itself
* Paul O'Neill, RIP

Interview with Justin Stubbs

* Blood of the Wolf Fest III in Lexington, KY
* Father Befouled

* Playing locally vs. events
* Logistics of playing shows with long-distance band members
* Intentionally playing shorter sets
* Upcoming Maryland Death Fest appearance
* Amps & pedals

* Red Bear
* Peavey Supreme 160
* Kustom Auris cabinets

* Working fast and knowing when to call it done
* Writing and recording the new album, Desolate Gods coming out this summer on Dark Descent

* Mixed by Dan Lowndes at Resident Sound Studios

*  Encoffination

* History of the band
* How they wrote the first album (drums first!)
* Encoffination live experience vs. albums
* Playing in a 2-piece vs. a traditional format

* Bands:

* Chasm of Nis — Fuzzy, chaotic death metal
* Dødsalme — Black metal
* Vomitchapel — Black metal
* Reinforcement Punishment — Noise / Power electronics
* Isolator — Power electronics

* Labels:

* Archasm Records
* Supremacy Temple
* Obscure Vanity

Music Played