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122 – The Mindset Miracle: From Depression to World Famous Motivational Speaker and Business Coach
August 19, 2019

Today, you're going o meet Rafael Eliassen, a former janitor turned international motivational speaking sensation. We all LOVE a good 'rags to riches' story because they show us that it's possible to achieve something incredible,

121 – 6-Figure Second Career: How Busy Parents Can Build a Side Business
August 12, 2019

At the age of 38 with 2 kids under 3 years old Ron Mourra was able to earn a 5 figure monthly income by transitioning to Online Fitness Coaching. He followed the Blueprint laid out by his Coach and Mentor Craig Ballantyne and took massive action.

120 – 3 Businesses Lessons from Shoe Dog and The Best Books of 2019
August 05, 2019

Halfway through the year and I’ve already read 20 books – including my book of the year. I’m also halfway through an EPIC monster of a book that I’ll tell you about in today's show. You will get a greater perspective on leadership,

119 – 7 Success Secrets of the Perfect Week Formula for High Performers
July 29, 2019

Today we’re giving you a deeper dive into the Perfect week formula. This is the same formula I teach at my $10,000 workshops, and while we touched on the basics of this formula in episode 74 of ETR radio, you still had questions.

118 – How To Be Creative
July 22, 2019

People always ask, how do you do it? Today I’ll reveal what you must do if you want to 10X your creativity which allows you to 3X your productivity and sales. This is how I wrote my books, crank out two 4000 word newsletters to clients and staff each w...

117 – How to Use Social Media
July 15, 2019

Today, I'm not only going to show you how to use social media, but I'm also going to teach you the art of turning social media into business media to grow your sales and 10x your business.

116 – How to Make One Million Dollars
July 08, 2019

Imagine you made $114 an hour. That would be alright, wouldn’t it? Or would it? What if you wanted to make a million in a year? How many hours would you have to work per week in order to make a million? We’re about to do some millionaire math so that y...

114 – 5 Money Stealing Myths About Morning Routines
June 24, 2019

Parden the interruption - We break from our previously planned Millionaire Math episode (which we’ll save for next week) and jump right into something you MUST hear about. Your morning routine could be costing you millions.

113 – How Rich Entrepreneurs and Successful People Think Differently
June 20, 2019

Last time we left off with this quote: “If you want something you’ve never had, You must do something you’ve never done.” – Jeremy Piven. So let’s talk about how rich and successful people think differently.

112 – 25 Quotes to Think Differently and be Ultra Successful
June 17, 2019

Learn my favorite good quotes from bad people. I truly believe that even if someone is considered a bad person you can still learn something from them. Today, you're not only going to learn some game changing quotes to keep with you every day,