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5:15 - Canadas national security agency intimidating people on their doorsteps
9:10 - Motorcycle owners in Sask looking at an insurance premium rate hike!
13:00 - Google more relevant to people than politicians.
19:18 - Lock your cell phones! Police granted the right to search cell phones at will!
29:09 - An NDP MP in a conflict of interest situation.

TIMS RANT: 34:52
Our friend Tim Moen (the Fort Mac Philospher at has his hackles raised over drug issues and
welfare afforded to small and big fish alike.

PANEL: 40:13
This weeks panel includes David Sheppard of the podcast and
more of the Fort Mac Philosopher, Tim Moen.

42:40 - Intellectual property. How do panellists answer to Ethans daughter asking about artists being compensated for their work?
53:36 - Are unlicensed daycares unsafe daycares?;google_editors_picks=true
1:03:42 - Canadas office of religious freedom has been created. Bad idea?

INTERVIEW 1: 1:18:36
We speak to Davi Barker, ( about Islam and voluntarism. He is the author of Voluntary Islam and Other Essays and also writes for . Ethan takes the opportunity to learn a bit more about Islam beyond whats talked about in the main stream.
INTERVIEW 2: 1:47:48
Dayna Martin ( returns to the show this time with her son Devin to talk about unschooling from an unschooled teens perspective. The two curious show hosts ask Devin about getting a well rounded education, if he would ever consider public schooling for himself and much more.

B-LIST: 2:15:08

2:17:18 - Conventional investors investing in bitcoin.
2:22:37 - Inflation is being kept low? Whats wrong with this picture?
2:26:36 - Montreal Transit trying to fine a counterstrike map designer.
2:29:49 - Facebooks nudity policy all about prudish nonsense.
2:36:40 - Pot possession charges cost B.C. taxpayers north of $8,000 per conviction.
2:43:00 - Chinas pollution problem.