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7:10 - An Alberta county kindly reverses a $25,000 fire fighting charge after getting slammed in the press.
11:32 - The government is trying to scare us about drugs again.
16:53 - Distracted driving. This is not a policing issue!
23:10 - Air Canada ordered by law to keep specific maintenance shops open.

PANEL: 29:40
Panel welcomes back Neal Donnelly in Fournier Ontario and Shane Killian with the Bogosity webcast at where you can catch all manner of skeptical commentary.

31:55 - Do Police routinely lie under oath in court rooms?;andamp;_r=4andamp;%2359;andamp;%2359;pagewanted=allandamp;adxnnlx=1360269637-bWEb3WCK66omlt5LCheqKwandamp;%2359;_r=1
39:55 - A 15 year old innovates in the field of medicine.
45:35 - Are Canadian consumers being gouged by manufacturers of retail goods?

William (Bill) Vandergraaf with Law Enforcement Again Prohibition at talks to us about the drug scene in Canada and how the drug war is hurting people from his perspective as a retired police officer. We ask him about the violent relationship between police and every day citizens. We were kind of surprised with how he responded.
INTERVIEW 2: 1:26:07
Matt Mernagh ( returns to the show to update us on his court case. When we last spoke to him, he was battling to strike down the medical marijuana regulations so anyone could use cannabis to medicate freely. A week ago, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned Mernaghs initial victory and so now, Mernagh and his legal team are hoping to have their day in the Supreme Court of Canada.

B-LIST: 1:51:23

1:54:53 - Surprise surprise. Mainstream economists cant make accurate predictions.
2:00:35 - Mark Carney promises change at the Bank of England. We predict more of the same.
2:04:03 - Private software firms display value to the market by providing security.
2:07:32 - Smoking bans on airlines.
2:13:38 - Some amateur astronomers spot a giant asteroid set to come rather close to earth.
2:17:18 - Senators bending the rules to get some extra cash.
2:20:55 - Quebec government is still crazy. A wacked out child support case proves it.
2:24:15 - The USA is exiling people in a rather unique way.
2:31:00 - A satirical onion article actually understates reality.,31207/?ref=auto