We’re down to a single panellist today with Tim Moen in Fort MacMurray blogging at


  • 1:24:40 First on the show, we chat with Chris Ferreira about the Canadian banking system’s health. We realize it’s gotten bailouts before but Chris tells us more about the numbers in depth and just how bad things really are. According to Chris, we may even be worse off than the United States before their housing bubble burst!…

  • 1:59:32 After we talk to Chris, we talk to Charlie Shrem, CEO of Bit Instant, a company that facilitates the exchange of bitcoins. We get a more in depth explanation of how bitcoin works and what sort of a future bitcoin may have. How could the government shut down bitcoin if it wanted to, how can the rules that govern the currency be changed and will we always have bitccoin around? This and more on bitcoin when we chat with Charlie.…


It’s therapy time for the guys because they can’t stand to cut too much content from the show. B-List this week includes,

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