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Content creators who are part of the Blubrry.com community are able to start earning income on their shows today! Earning money on your show is easy.

The first step is to complete our confidential advertising survey. Watch the video below to see the step by step instructions on completing the survey. Or simply click 'Your Settings' and look for the Advertising Survey link in the right hand column.

Ad Survey Video Tutorial


If you are not yet a community member and you produce an audio or video show check out the benefits of being part of the Blubrry community.

Once you've filled out the survey there are only a few more simple steps to get you going:

  1. Contact the staff at makemoney@rawvoice.com.

  2. Tell us your show name on Blubrry.

  3. Indicate that you have filled out the survey.

  4. We will send you the confidential details of the current programs for your consideration.

How Ad Deals Work

We negotiate deals then present the terms to you for consideration. If you feel the terms and advertiser fits your show, you can complete and send back the term sheet. You earn money based upon the terms of the deal. Not all advertising deals will fit a particular media content subject, thus we understand you might decide not to participate.

The best part of this is there is no risk to you. You have complete control on what you present to your audience, we do the hard work of negotiating great deals so you do not have to!

More information can be found on our FAQ or in our Forum Section!

If you are a media producer see what the Blubrry community can do for you today!

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