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Moving Forward --> 2015


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Health & Wellness

Dr. Kirnn


Description: Wholeness for Healthier Lives! Healthy lives brings longevity and happiness with that belief we focus and bring attention to topics that improve health and wellness.

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Moving Forward --> 2015

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It's a new year and all of the resolutions/goals are set. We reflect on our last year and some of us give out a sigh of relief that it's over, vowing to make this year a much better one. Here we are in 2015 and each day will present it's own set of challenges. Let's make a plan to get through it suc...

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What's Up? How's Your Blood Pressure?

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The Health & Wellness Show is looking at the Blood Pressure Factor. There are many who are unaware of their blood pressure status and that could be very dangerous. In fact, it could be a matter of life and death. Join us as we explore the ways to ensure that we are maintaining a healthy blood pressu...

Whose Life is it Anyway - Right to Die

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Our Health & Wellness Show briefly disucssed the End of Life topic. Due to the overwhelming response, we will explore the topic more as it seems to touch a nerve with many. On the other hand, many support the Death with Dignity Act. We recently followed Brittany Maynard's journey as she shared her...

Your Health & Wellness - How Are You Doing?

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The Health & Wellness Show is back and ready to explore the latest happenings. Join us as we dig into some very important health news.

Sleep loss and memory

Diabetes and dementia

Lead Poisoning and it's effect

Right to Die...

Your Health & Wellness: What's Happening In This Week?

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The new concern of the Ebola Crisis and healthcare professionals who return from working with Ebola patients and the issue of quarantine.

Should a mandatory 21 days of quarantine be enforced?

How will it affect the community?...

What's Happening in the World of Health & Wellness?

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So much trouble in the world and when it comes to our health and wellness, there is a high season of concern as Ebola is making it's way to other countries. 

What is Ebola?

How can I prevent myself from contracting the disease?

Where can I learn more on Ebola?...

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