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Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast

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20 | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
June 12, 2019

Grab your wand and quills and get to class. You dont want detention with Snape again!

19 | Physics
June 08, 2019

Today we’re heading into the beyond with Physics. How well do you know your waves and particles? Dive into thirty trivia questions and see how you score.

18 | X-Men
June 05, 2019

Hey Bub, you ready for the X-Men? Join Charles Xavier and the whole crew for some x-tremely x-citing trivia this episode as a run-up to the new movie, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

17 | The Life and Works of William Shakespeare
June 01, 2019

This week we adjourn from the lab and head to the theater. Or theatre, if you prefer. Regardless, were all about the life and works of The Bard, William Shakespeare

16 | Godzilla
May 29, 2019

Oh no, there goes Tokyo. This week we dodge the giant feet and awesome breath of Godzilla and the many monsters that have come with him. A huge, Godzilla-sized thank you to Luke Jaconetti from the Earth Destruction Directive for helping out with th

15 | Biology
May 25, 2019

   Open In Your Podcast App    Summer School continues and this week we head into the lab. Genetics, hierarchies, and fluids, oh my! This is our second Summer School episode and we’ve left Mathematics behind and now

14 | The Disney Renaissance
May 22, 2019

With the new Aladdin movie rolling out into the theaters this week, it seemed like a good time to revisit the decade in which Disney Animation got its groove back.

13 | Mathematics
May 18, 2019

Summer is here and it's no time to let your brain rot. Dorky Geeky Nerdy is here to keep that gray matter working over the break. Today we present thirty questions about the field of Mathematics.

12 | Jaws Franchise
May 15, 2019

Think it's safe to head back into the water? Summer vacation is at hand (for some people) and that often means a trip to the beach. What better time than now to revisit the classic Spielberg film and its sequels.

11 | 1950’s Sci-Fi Films
May 08, 2019

The Golden Age of Sci-Fi is back! Watch the skies, make sure your neighbor is who they say they are, and beware of radiation in all its forms.