RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 5 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony SYNOPSIS: Episode 13 (03/27 - 04/02)Lots of WrestleMania memories (1,3-6,11,12,14,15,2000,17,19,22-24,26,28,31,33) Clash of Champions vs WrestleMania 5.. Andre The Giant makes MSG debut.. WWWF becomes WWF.. Hercules (Assassin#2), Perro Aguayo, and Universo Dos Mil lose Hair vs Mask matches.. Neville, Will Ospreay, Pogo The Clown, Prince Iaukea, and Sable make pro wrestling debuts.. Audio: Donald Trump / WM5.. WWF vs Japan.. Audio: Run DMC WM rap and DX Band embarrasses America.. Audio Chris Jericho introduces 'The List of 1004 Holds'.. The Rock becomes leader of NOD.. Audio: DX Army adds three new members.. Audio: Butterbean knocks out Bart Gunn.. WCW presents Malice At The Palace.. Sting pins Lex Luger in the ocean.. Audio: Pete Rose vs Kane.. Last Nitro before Russo/Bischoff reboot.. Stephanie wins Womens Title.. Wrestlecrap launches.. WWF fires WCW staff.. Donald J Trump shaves Vince McMahon bald.. Contracted WWE wrestler Robbie McCallister attends TNA Impact: on hard camera side.. Audio: Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels retirement speeches.. Taz leaves WWE.. Audio: Jack Swagger wins World Heavyweight Title.. Monday Night Wars II: Raw vs Impact rating.. Ronda Rousey makes MMA debut.. Audio: Eric Bischoff fires Steve Austin and retires due to legit injuries.. Audio: Goldberg confronts The Rock in WWE debut.. WWE fires Fit Finlay over The Miz / National Anthem incident.. Ric Flair (under TNA contract) appears at WWE Hall Of Fame.. Audio: Brock Lesnar returns to WWE after 8 year absence.. Matt Bloom makes WWE return as Lord Tensai.. Nicole Bass, Kalisto, Neville, and Renee Young make WWE main roster debuts.. Randy Orton removed from The Marine 3.. Shinsuke Nakamura makes NXT debut.. Sami Zayn wrestles last NXT match.. AJ Lee wrestles last WWE match.. Daniel Bryan wrestle last singles match before being forced into retirement.. Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe.. WWE scraps Divas Title.. Audio: Eva Marie makes memorable WWE appearance (for the wrong reasons).. and much more! NOTABLE DEATHS: Bill Kerr 89, Little Brutus 72, Jim Crockett Sr 63, Victor Quinones 46, Chris Kanyon 40, Kris Travis 32, Reid Flair 25, Stinky The Homeless Guy 23 NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Mighty Atlas, (Referee) Dick Woehrle, Otto Von Heller, Hard Boiled Haggerty, Tony Garibaldi, Swede Hanson, Curt Hennig, SD Jones, Umaga, Georgiann Makropoulos RIP, Ronnie Garvin 73, (Referee) Danny Davis 62, Brickhouse Brown and Mike Rotunda 60, Michael P.S. Hayes 59, Octagon 57, The Warlord 56, Kenta Kobashi and Ruckus 51, Rick Fuller 49, Nitro Girl AC Jazz 47, Charlie Haas 46, Skulu 45, Rory McAllister, Tomko, and Naoki Matsushita 42, Allison Danger 41, Ultimo Gladiador 40, Goldy Locks 39, Randy Orton, Jody Fleisch, and Nick Mondo 38, Jack Evans, Dixie, and Leyla Milani 36, Zach Gowan 35, SoCal Val and Mustafa Ali 32, Trent Barreta 31, Jesse Sorensen 29, Sawyer Fulton 28 RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the TWIWH EP13 (04/02/18) CLICK HERE to listen to the TWIWH EP13 (04/02/18) online. ITUNES LINK Please subscribe to us on ITUNES ================= PROGRAMMING NOTE: 'TWIWH (EP14)' HOSTED BY DON TONY Your next episode of 'TWIWH (EP14)' will be posted Tuesday, April 10, 2018. In addition to download links, a preview of TWIWH airs every week immediately following the live episode of Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show. #ThrowbackTuesday =============== IF YOU ARE A FAN OF 'DON TONY AND KEVIN CASTLE SHOW' and 'BREAKFAST WITH BLASI' and just can't get enough of the shows, check out our PATREON PAGE! You'll gain access to our Patreon Exclusive shows such as 'The Castle Chronicles' hosted by Kevin Castle, and 'BREAKFAST SOUP' hosted by Don Tony & Missionary (Wrestling Soup), and early access to other content. You also have exclusive access to lost episodes of 'The Minority Report' from 2004/2005, select vintage episodes of 'The Masked Maniac Show', and retro Blackhearts Hotline reports from 2001/2002. In addition to the shows, we hold monthly P