RUNNING TIME: 1 Hr 52 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony SYNOPSIS: Episode 12 (03/20 - 03/26)Triple H, Chris Candido, Jumbo Tsuruta, Tekeshi Morishima, Jerry Lynn, Corey Graves, and David Otunga make pro wrestling debuts.. AWA Champion vs WWWF Champion: Nick Bockwinkle vs Bob Backlund.. Kerry Von Erich debuts at MSG.. Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk.. Konnan and Villano V loses mask matches.. Lots of Wrestlemania memories: Undertaker starts undefeated Wrestlemania streak, Randy Savage 'retires' and reunites with Miss Elizabeth, Bret Hart vs Steve Austin, Yokozuna, and Owen Hart.. Macho Man wrestles last WWE match.. Ric Flair loses WCW Title to Tatsumi Fujinami (well sort of).. WWE creates Hall Of Fame w/ Andre The Giant as first inductee.. Jerry Lawler and Big Show make WWE in ring debuts.. WCW Uncensored 1996.. Slammy Awards '98.. Audio: Steve Austin gives The Corporation a beer bath.. Rey Mysterio sends Ric Flair into a pool.. Miss NWO contest winner.. Audio: Kevin Nash name drops Sable on Nitro.. Audio: Bret Hart Nitro promo on Hogan, Goldberg, Flair and 'The Pencil'.. ECW Living Dangerously '99.. Stephanie slaps mother Linda.. Monday Wars End: WWF purchases WCW.. Audio: Vince ponders future of WCW.. Audio: Closing moments of last ever WCW Nitro.. WWE first ever Brand Extension Draft ('02).. Goldberg signs with WWE.. Samoa Joe begins 645 day run as ROH Champion.. Audio: John Cena interrupts first WWE draft lottery.. Audio: Kurt Angle replaces Paul Heyman as Smackdown GM.. Audio: 'JBL' John Bradshaw Layfield begins.. Audio: Kurt Angle w/ Sensational Sherri debut 'Sexy Kurt'.. Audio: A bloody Mickie James kidnaps Ashley Massaro, beats down and kisses an unconscious Trish Stratus.. Konnan sues TNA.. WWE suspends Manu.. ROH 7th Anniversary Show.. Audio: Ric Flair and HBK 'Old Yeller' promo prior to Wrestlemania match.. Randy Orton DDT and kisses unconscious Stephanie McMahon.. Mick Foley loses TNA 'career' match and bloodies Bubba The Love Sponge on the way out.. Ultimate Warrior turns down original Hall Of Fame offer.. Kurt Angle arrested for intoxication.. GLAAD is not happy with John Cena and WWE.. Johnny Swinger loses hair match.. Funny story about Drew Carey / WWE Hall Of Fame article.. Sean 'Xpac' Waltman tears his bunghole.. GLOW Documentary DVD release.. Christian wrestles last ever WWE match.. Ex-Girlfriend posts lude photo of Vader on Twitter.. MMA / Boxing / Wrestling event featuring Angle vs Mysterio.. and much more! NOTABLE DEATHS: Scotty Williams 94.. Joe Blanchard 83.. Baron Mikel Scicluna 80.. Sailor Art Thomas 79.. Wally Karbo 77.. Warren Bockwinkel 74.. Dr Bill Miller 69.. Sir Oliver Humperdink and Moondog Spike 62.. Gypsy Joe 59.. Benny McGuire 54.. Steve Dunn 48.. Bestia Salvaje and Big John Studd 46.. Cincinnati Red 40.. Skull Murphy 39.. Abismo Negro 37.. Chase Tatum and Perro Aguayo Jr 35.. Brian Cox 33 NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Salvador Luttheroth Gonzalez, Gorgeous George, Jumbo Tsuruta, Chris Candido RIP.. Buck Zumhofe 67.. Villano III 66.. Tim White 64, Wayne Bloom 60.. Sting 59.. Barry Horowitz 58.. Ray Mendoza Jr 56.. Undertaker 53.. Midajah and Christopher Daniels 48.. Hiroyoshi Tenzan 47.. Sick Boy 45.. Takashi Sato 44.. Jessica Darlin 42.. Homicide and Sylvain Grenier 41.. D’Angelo Dinero 40.. Ray Gordy 39.. Jack Swagger and Epico 36.. Mike Mondo 35.. Lana 33 RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the TWIWH EP12 (03/26/18) CLICK HERE to listen to the TWIWH EP12 (03/26/18) online. ITUNES LINK Please subscribe to us on ITUNES ================= PROGRAMMING NOTE: 'TWIWH (EP13)' HOSTED BY DON TONY Your next episode of 'TWIWH (EP13)' will be posted Tuesday, April 3, 2018. In addition to download links, a preview of TWIWH airs every week immediately following the live episode of Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show. #ThrowbackTuesday =============== IF YOU ARE A FAN OF 'DON TONY AND KEVIN CASTLE SHOW' and 'BREAKFAST WITH BLASI' and just can't get enough of the shows, check out our PATREON PAGE! You'll gain access to our Pa