Running Time: 2 Hours (60 Minutes x 2)Hosted by Don Tony SYNOPSIS: BLAH BLAH BLAH w/ DON TONY Ep7 + Ep8 (AUGUST 19, 2017)Demonstrators say 'Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech'. DT says 'Hate Speech Is Not MY Speech'.. DT cracks a tooth on Jolly Rancher Lollipop.. Props to Boston Police how they are handling weekend demonstrations.. Don't accuse DT's Dad of White Privilege.. Rare Solar Eclipse coming Monday.. Message to students and parents of kids returning to school.. DT reveals his New Years Resolution.. Funny (but sad) story involving young drivers seeking car insurance from DT.. Funny insurance story featuring a 21 y/o DT.. Why erasing negative history will diminish the plight of others who overcame.. Confronting recent ESPN Fantasy Football 'Auction' draft.. Looking at current MLB Wild Card race.. DT reveals who he wants to replace Terry Collins as Mets Manager in 2018.. Not resigning Daniel Murphy started Mets demise.. Did Pete Rose really sleep with a minor?.. Burger King brings back Cheesy Tots.. #1 Worst Menu Option at Popular Restaurants.. Confronting Alyssa Milano and others fabricating stories for attention or to advance an agenda.. Discussion on Headaches lead to sincere advice for Pet Owners.. IOS 11 to release 'Cop Button' on Iphone.. DT's unlucky day with batteries.. The Nutella theft really was a story.. and so much more! Please note: Episode 8 was recorded today instead of Tuesday is due to the Emergency surgery DT is having Monday on his mouth. Details are explained during this week's episodes. =============== WARNING: Some strong Language and Content. If you're under 18, please get your parents' permission before listening. RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the 08/19/2017 episodes (Libsyn Link) CLICK HERE to listen to the 08/19/2017 episodes online. =============== Your next episode of BLAH BLAH BLAH (Ep7) hosted by Don Tony will air SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 2017. It will be online for downloading by 6PM EST. =============== WHAT IS 'BLAH BLAH BLAH'? For years, so many of you have asked me to do a non-wrestling podcast. A daily or semi-daily show featuring: Sports, Fantasy Baseball, news, politics, pop culture, personal stories and more. I have finally decided to give it a try. Last week, I recorded a 60 minute 'pilot episode' and just randomly discussed recent news and events. Again, this show has no wrestling content. And please remember that Ive only hosted wrestling theme hotlines and podcasts going back to 1999. So this is a whole new concept for me. If you are in tune with news and events in the real world, then feel free to give this a try. In time, the show will mold into a finished product which I hope is on the level of the other shows I host (Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show, Breakfast With Blasi, and Breakfast Soup). I welcome all feedback, ideas, and suggestions. As far as airdates, I've started off with 2 episodes weekly (Tuesdays and Saturdays). As the show progresses, I'll add additional episodes weekly. Each episode will always run 60 minutes long. So here we go! And as always, I welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for the show. =============== IF YOU ARE A FAN OF 'DON TONY AND KEVIN CASTLE SHOW' and 'BREAKFAST WITH BLASI' and just can't get enough of the shows, check out our PATREON PAGE! You'll gain access to our Patreon Exclusive shows such as 'The Castle Chronicles' hosted by Kevin Castle, and 'BREAKFAST SOUP' hosted by Don Tony & Missionary (Wrestling Soup), and early access to episodes of 'Blah Blah Blah w/ Don Tony'. You also have exclusive access to lost episodes of 'The Minority Report' from 2004/2005, select vintage episodes of 'The Masked Maniac Show', and retro Blackhearts Hotline reports from 2001/2002. In addition to the shows, we hold monthly PPV Predictions Contests and give away hundreds of dollars in prize giveaways! And by signing up, you'll help us keep the DTKC Show and BwB free for everyone, and get interactive with DTKC like never before. You get it all for