RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 57 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony and Kevin Castle SYNOPSIS: DTKC SHOW MONDAY MAY 29, 2017Sean Waltman cleared of all drug charges.. Sasha Banks tells fans to shut up about a heel turn.. DTKC Rapid Fire: V2.. Scott Steiner returns to Impact and the tourists didn't give a sh**.. Impact touring India.. Anthem needs to move TV & PPV events away from Universal Studios fast.. AJ Styles and Nakamura complicate Mahal's title reign.. Would WWE have the Cajones to have Jinder Mahal drop the title in India?.. RIP Gregg Allman.. Tiger Woods arrested.. DT's Alexa (Amazon Echo) comments on "This Is Your Life: Bayley" segment.. Congratulations to Takuma Sato on winning Indy 500.. New Table For 3: Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff, and Michael Hayes.. Don Tony hates Scooby Doo.. Summer Rae makes Maxim Hot 100.. PPV Predictions: Extreme Rules.. Twitter feud between Baron Corbin and CZW wrestler.. Orton takes time off as Cena teases WWE return.. DTKC discuss Jinder Mahal's WWE win loss record.. Miz's slop causes fans to Pop - (even more) for Ambrose.. Nutrition Solutions: The diet choice of several WWE stars.. Booker T remains on Raw until September.. Global Force & Impact Wrestling following footsteps of World Wrestling All-Stars and TNA.. Nakamura vs Mahal.. This Week In Wrestling History: WWF Ride Along: Iron Shiek & Hacksaw Jim Duggan arrested on drug charges.. Scott Hall debuts & returns to WCW.. Destination America and Fox Sports Net drop Impact.. WWE signs Kalisto.. WWF launches Confidential.. The Underfaker (Brian Lee) and 16 y/o Jeff Hardy make WWF debut.. Owen Hart and Vince McMahon Sr pass away.. The Nitro Match that never occurred on Jay Leno.. TNA sues Brian Wittenstein.. Patreon updates.. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Impact and Indy Wrestling discussion, pop culture, news, sports talk, and much more. On this Memorial Day, we thank our great Military who have died defending our freedom that we continue to enjoy each day. We also express our continued respect and appreciation to members of the Armed Forces who are still with us, active and retired. - Don Tony and Kevin Castle  RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the 05/29/2017 episode (Libsyn Link) CLICK HERE to listen to the 05/29/2017 episode online. =============== PROGRAMMING NOTE: 'BREAKFAST WITH BLASI' HOSTED BY DON TONYYour next episode of 'BREAKFAST WITH BLASI' hosted by Don Tony will air NEXT WEDNESDAY, June 14, 2017. It will be online for downloading by 6PM EST. Special thanks to our ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS (below) for all their help with our shows. These are very special friends of our shows and their help and loyalty is greatly appreciated! Brandon Foley Adam DeMouy TV Trax Tim Everhardt Brandon Ryce Brent Webster 'TCB' Tighe C Bowers Anna Anthony Arato Billy Taylor Bob O Mac Brian Byrne Carlitoz Ortiz-Correa II Chad Davis Corey Sharp Chuck Lentz Courtney Summers Dan HayesValadez Dana Brooke's Sperm Donor Daniel Warren Darryl Long Frank O Shea George Hobbs Hassan Al-Hashmi "The Living Legend" Michael Rodriguez "The Metaphor" Isaac Foxx James Diehl Jason Pratt Joe Punches Johnny Morin Johny Florida Jordan Goode Josh Wilson Justin Topol Kress Mann Mandingo Chamberlin Marcus Antonius Michael Cuomo Michael Westphal Mustainer Nathan Grundman Paul Jarman Razorback Robb Rob McCabe Rocked Reviews Robert William Curl Russell LaBrie Russell Windle Scott Woodford Shawn DeMarsh Spider Lewin Sub Zero Comics Toby DeShong Yovany Zarate =============== IF YOU ARE A FAN OF 'DON TONY AND KEVIN CASTLE SHOW' and 'BREAKFAST WITH BLASI' and just can't get enough of the shows, check out our PATREON PAGE! You'll gain access to our Patreon Exclusive shows such as 'The Castle Chronicles' hosted by Kevin Castle, and 'BREAKFAST SOUP' hosted by Don Tony & Missionary (Wrestling Soup). You also have exclusive access to lost episodes of 'The Minority Report' from 2004/2005, select vintage episodes of 'The Masked Maniac Show', and retro Blackhearts Hotline reports from 2001/2002. In addition