Running Time: 2 Hours Hosted by Don Tony SYNOPSIS: BREAKFAST WITH BLASI FEBRUARY 15, 2017DT doesn't believe the 'Vince McMahon ripping Braun Stroman' claim made by Mick Foley.. Shitty, Shotty, Stupid Storytelling on Smackdown.. Nudity returns to Playboy Magazine.. Two storyline ideas for Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and one of them sucks.. DT rehashes his hatred for Sivi Afi.. Voodoo Tony strikes again w/ latest victim: Viktor.. DT reveals biggest Pet Peeve currently in wrestling.. DT explains why racism claims against WWE are no longer valid.. Bradshaw Exchange ruins part of DT's Valentines Day.. Patreon updates.. Cooking w/ Don Tony: Reviving day old Italian Bread.. Kevin Owens proves that a heel can turn heel.. DT Podcasting Advice: What not to eat / drink before a show.. Origins of 'Breakfast With Blasi' name.. Buddy Rogers and Arnold Skaaland: Great wrestlers but horrible managers.. Superfans and stalkers.. DT believes WrestleMania 33 will not disappoint.. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Impact and Indy Wrestling discussion, pop culture, news, sports talk, and so much more! Special thanks to the subscribers of TV Trax' You Tube channel that submitted questions for BwB. The first half of the questions are covered in this episode. A bonus BwB episode featuring the second batch of questions will be recorded on February 23, 2017. =============== PROGRAMMING NOTE: Your next episode of 'Breakfast With Blasi' will be available for download March 1, 2017 at 6PM EST. =============== RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the 02/15/2017 episode (Libsyn Link) CLICK HERE to listen to the 02/15/2017 episode online. CLICK HERE to listen to previous episodes of Breakfast w/ 'Blasi WARNING: Strong Language and Content. If you're under 18, please get your parents' permission before listening. Special thanks to our ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS (below) for all their help with our shows. These are very special friends of our shows and their help and loyalty is greatly appreciated! Adam DeMouy Anna Anthony Tackett Brandon Foley “TCB” Tighe C Bowers Brandon Ryce Brent Webster Brian Byrne Charles Lentz CJ Uehara Courtney Summers Dan HayesValadez Daniel Warren Darryl Long Douglas MacKay Frank O Shea George Hobbs Hassan Al-Hashmi Ian Forrest James Diehl Johnny Morin Johny Florida Jordan Goode Justin Topol Kress Mann Marcus Antonius Michael Cuomo Michael Westphal Mustainer Nathan Grundman Patrick Mazzone Paul Jarman Razorback Robb Richard Todd Rob McCabe Rocked Reviews Robert William Curl Simon 'Hoody' Hood Sub Zero Comics Tim Everhardt TV Trax Yovany Zarate =============== If you are a fan of the 'Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show' and 'Breakfast With Blasi', check out our Patreon Page. You'll find many unique ways how you can help keep the DTKC Show and BwB free, and get interactive with DTKC like never before. You'll also gain access to Patreon Exclusive shows such as 'The Castle Chronicles' hosted by Kevin Castle, and 'The Idearbox' hosted by Don Tony & Missionary of Wrestling Soup. You also have exclusive access to lost episodes of 'The Minority Report' from 2004/2005, select vintage episodes of 'The Masked Maniac Show', and retro Blackhearts Hotline reports from 2001/2002. You get it all for as little as $5! Visit to gain access now! PLEASE NOTE: Episodes 1 thru 17 of 'Breakfast Soup (formally 'The Idearbox' and 1 thru 17 of 'Castle Chronicles' are online. Don Tony and Missionary will be recording Episode 18 of 'Breakfast Soup' next Wednesday evening. As always, DT will PM all Patreon members subscribed to the shows privately thru the Patreon site once the additional episodes are posted. Remember, if you subscribe to the shows on Patreon, you get access to all episodes to date including all retro audio posted. CLICK HERE to visit our Patreon page now! ===============   DTKC SHOW / BwB / BREAKFAST SOUP / MATARRAZ T-SHIRTS ON SALE!Pro Wrestling Tees has launched the only source for T-Shirts of' Don Tony and