How does Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Katrin Davidsdottir & Brooke Wells handle their nutrition? They call Adee Zukier Cazayoux. Adee is the founder of a nutrition program called Working Against Gravity that is used by a TON of high level athletes as well as thousands of other people. On Episode 198 Adee drops by to talk to us about the importance of tracking macros, why calories DO count, how remote coaching is awesome and why being balanced is almost impossible if you are chasing greatness and much much more. This is a great one gang. Make sure you check it out.

Adee Zukier Cazayoux is known as the "Barbell Gypsy," you can find Adee weightlifting, bobsledding, powerlifting, or competing in the NPGL or the CrossFit open.

In her childhood, Adee struggled with her weight and found herself at 16 years old, 45 lbs overweight and leading an unhealthy and unhappy life. After some encouragement from her mother she decided to make a change. With the help of Natalie Bean-Sole (Nutrition Forever), she gained control of her body and diet and discovered a new passion — nutrition.

More recently, Adee has gained an immense amount of knowledge from working with other nutrition consultants known for creating "macro counting" diets and helping athletes lose fat. Continuously advancing her knowledge, Adee has completed her Precision Nutrition Level 1 and is constantly researching and studying to become better in her field.

As an athlete Adee has studied/trained under many renowned coaches, most notably Aimee Everett, national champion, Travis Mash, world champion powerlifter, and Steve Sandor, Hungarian national champion.

You can find Adee here: