Coach Joe catch up with Wes Feighner. Wes is a speed a performance coach and does his work out of the Brea Barbell Club. Be sure to give him a fellow and check out his Instagram feed (@breabarbellclub) to see some of the drill work discussed in this episode.

The topics of the day include the value of Weightlifting variations to generate power in a strength and conditioning program, Wes’s use of the speed ladder, and the best way to train kids for speed.

Check out Wes’s mentor Rick Hagedorn ( and his web site Speed Burners (

Wes is also part of a cool collaboration with Adam Sayhi of The Gentleman and The Meathead ( and Rob Filebark of Third Pull Apparel called the Speakeasy Club. Find out more about The Speakeasy Club here.

Lastly, the recent story of Laurel Hubbard dominates the second half of the discussion. Laurel is a transgender female who recently won gold at the World Weightlifting Championships by 19 kilos. Linked below are a few resources with varying opinions on Laurel’s story and the topic of transgender competition in general.

We would love your feedback on this topic. Feel free to pass along resources you find informative on this topic. Regardless of where you sit, this topic deserves a thoughtful and informed discussion.

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