Max Aita and Coach Joe Talk Weightlifting! During this release Max discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with training partners who care about you, walks through some programming basics, and describes the culture he and Chad Wesley Smith are developing with Team Juggernaut.

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Max Aita

Max’s Gym -

Juggernaut Training Systems (JTS)

Max’s Bio (Pulled from Max’s Gym and JTS)

As Head Coach and namesake of the gym, Max is in charge of programming and helping his Weightlifting and Powerlifting athletes improve their technique.

He has studied and trained under many highly successful coaches, including Ivan Abadjiev, Steve Gough, and Glenn Pendlay. Max is a USA Weightlifting Club Coach, has trained national medalists, National and PWA record-holders, as well as helping bolster the lifting talents of Regional and Games level CrossFit athletes.

In the gym, you can usually find him sitting in a yellow chair with his head tilted watching a lift, eating food out of tupperware, or making wise-cracks at whoever might be listening.

If given control of the music, you will notice that Max has an unhealthy obsession with Katy Perry, but does his best personal lifts when Enya is cranked to 11.